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Stocks are Maya

I had been watching the US stock market for the past two weeks. It looses 777 points and the stock which was at $30 slides down to a few cents.  People start panicking Banks are crumbling.

 They say the stock market loss $1.7 trillion. OK. Stock market lost in trillions and who won? No one? Kidding me? It is only in the minds of the stock holders and brokers the papers worth is millions or pennies. The paper remains the same.

 Well when they want to bailout the billionaires, they want to use the average taxpayers money, which is freakin’ real and they have to bear the burden for years to come. They do have to shell out their hard earned money for these unreal paper stocks value.

Then again today the Dow comes back big and gain adding 485 points, even before the bailout plan is not approved yet in the senate.

They say the value of your homes go down by some percentage and people are worried. Again the Maya spoils a man’s sleep. Does it reduce a brick in your house? Are you going to sell your house tomorrow?  Are you going to pay more for your mortgage if you do not go far another loan?  Damn it, it is in your head the price gone down.

Why the hurricane Ike does not make much damage in Texas make the Gas price in stations in Vermont go down?  Any dumb ass can guess the freakin gas station owners were profiting on speculation? Does anyone complain about it?

All you dumb ass humans [including me] live in Maya while everyone knows it is not real we accept it and live with it.


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