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Being Ordinary People is So Cool

It is “13 going 30” playing on TV. Jennifer Garner is strolling in the street and enters into a nice home. Yes it is very much home and not just a house. Billy Joel is playing in the back ground and a thought comes to my mind.

“You know, this Billy Joel is very much American. Every Syllable smells American ”. People should listen to Billy Joel more often.

Some time I think almost everyone is ordinary people and sometime I get a strange thought that no one is ordinary. Every one has some uniqueness that they are no more ordinary people. Do you agree?

I wrote this last night and I am posting it today so that I can cultivate the habit of posting one, at least one daily.



  sureshrec22 wrote @

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  Alex wrote @

Everyone is unique and that is the way it is and even twins have differences at the same time the infulence of Genes in the family which is reflected in their action and way they see things.

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