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Being Ordinary People is So Cool

It is “13 going 30” playing on TV. Jennifer Garner is strolling in the street and enters into a nice home. Yes it is very much home and not just a house. Billy Joel is playing in the back ground and a thought comes to my mind.

“You know, this Billy Joel is very much American. Every Syllable smells American ”. People should listen to Billy Joel more often.

Some time I think almost everyone is ordinary people and sometime I get a strange thought that no one is ordinary. Every one has some uniqueness that they are no more ordinary people. Do you agree?

I wrote this last night and I am posting it today so that I can cultivate the habit of posting one, at least one daily.


Back to writing

Sep 20th 2008:

It has been days and months since I posted the last one. Wait a minute it is almost an year since I wrote the last posting. These days my life is so boring, I did not even notice that an year passed by and I did not even feel it.

I am not sure anyone would read this blog ever. But want to write still. Wanted to write what I feel.

Sometime anonymity makes one secure and write what they feel and it makes one more honest.

Talked to family members this morning, who are far away from where I live. It was not a pleasant talk. I did not like to talk like this with my family and for that matter anyone else.

But lately I am becoming aware of that the way people are so selfish and look for personal benefits in everything instead of doing something good.

I may not call my family for a long time after this day. Let me see. Sometime time is a healer. I would let it cool down. Changed the picture to match the name of the blog.

This should be enough for the day in Diary section.