A Dot In The Galaxy!

NOT Just another BLOG. Heck may be it is..

Day Two?

I finished writing the yesterday’s post last night 2 AM and started selecting the themes and categories.. Dozzed off a little. Got up again at 5.27 AM. It is very much exciting to continue to write. Wanted to write too many things, everything right away. But I am going to take it easy.

I was wondering on what should be the title of my BLOG and I thought about “Where all the good People Go?”, becasue I thought every one in this world is not good at all 100%. That includes me. Am I wrong? Why can’t people be good to each other without any expectation. Why? Some kind of virous that makes things to be good impossible?

I have been changing theme every hour. Don’t seem to be satisfied with one. Other one seems better. So far this is the Best I think suits to my blog and the content I am going to write. It is like a tiny star on the milkyway which gets  sucked up into a unknow blackhole.


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